My top albums of 2017

My top albums of 2017 | Joseph BurrowsI’m going to be honest and say that I’ve been absolutely dreading writing this post. 2017 has been an amazing year for music, which obviously makes picking my top albums of 2017 a difficult job.

2017 has probably been the most varied year for me in quite a while. I’ve fallen in love with bands and artists I didn’t like, discovered some of my new favourite albums, and obviously adored new releases from some of my favourite bands.

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention (because I totally have), here are my top albums of 2017:

10. Sia – Everyday is Christmas

Yep, one of my favourite albums of the year is a Christmas album. Sue me.

You know how much I love Sia, so is there any surprise that Everyday is Christmas is featured? The only reasons it’s not higher up my list is because it is a Christmas album so I might struggle to blast this out at the height of summer (but boy will I try). In case you missed the memo, Sia has released a totally original Christmas album and it is WONDERFUL. Move over Buble, it’s Sia time.

Check out: ‘Candy Cane Lane’, ‘Snowman’

9. Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights 

I’ve been a fan of Deaf Havana for YEARS now, but their third album just wasn’t up to scratch for me. Thankfully All These Countless Nights is everything you could ever want from a Deaf Havana album. It’s such a return to form for the band, and probably my favourite release of theirs to date. If you’re a fan of the English rock scene and bands like Lower Than Atlantis, then make sure you check this out.

Check out: ‘Ashes, Ashes’, ‘Fever’, ‘Sing’

8. HAIM – Something to Tell You  

After what felt like an eternity, HAIM finally released their second album Something to Tell You, and it’s a bit bloody good. Imagine if Fleetwood Mac and Shania Twain had a lovechild and you’re about halfway there already. A lot of the album has some heavy country influences, although don’t get yourself ready for a hoedown in a barn quite yet. This is some classy stuff, with luscious harmonies, twinkling guitars and some killer songwriting. Be warned, these songs will be stuck in your head for DAYS.

Check out: ‘Nothing’s Wrong’, ‘You Never Knew’, ‘Right Now’

7. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely 

First thing’s first: I never got The Maine. I just never liked them, something about their music didn’t mesh with me. Second thing: Lovely Little Lonely is AMAZING. It’s just the most summery and upbeat album ever, but whilst it’s certainly Pop Punk at it’s finest, it never goes too twee. Songs like ‘Black Butterflies and Deja Vu’ (one of my favourites of the year) and ‘Lost in Nostalgia’ offer a totally different side to the band, with their newfound maturity definitely paying off. If you’ve never given The Maine a listen before, now is the time to get started.

Check out: ‘Black Butterflies and Deja Vu’, ‘Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)’, ‘The Sound of Reverie’

6. Lorde – Melodrama 

If Lorde’s first album was intense and serious, then Melodrama is just pure art. Every song drips with emotion as Lorde bears her soul through songs about turbulent twenty-something relationships. Their’s just something so incredibly special about Lorde’s songwriting which means that everything she produces is so unique. Some lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, some songs are intense anthems, whilst others are just some of the damn best pop songs of the year (here’s looking at you, ‘Perfect Places’).

Lorde’s second album is melodramatic in every sense, and it’s bloody phenomenal.

Check out: ‘Green Light’, ‘The Louvre’, ‘Perfect Places’

The albums I have on repeat this summer | Joseph Burrows

5. AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

Any year that AFI release an album is a damn good year. They’re one of my all-time favourite bands, and they never disappoint. The Blood Album is the bands most complete offering to date, combining everything that has made the band so exceptional over the years and tying it all together in one brooding and magnificent album. There’s pomp, there’s drama, there’s darkness, and there is most definitely some bite. AFI, I love you.

Want a full breakdown of AFI’s latest release? Read my full review.

Check out: ‘Aurelia’, ‘Snow Cats’, ‘Feed from the Floor’, ‘White Offerings’

4. Citizen – As You Please 

I’ve enjoyed Citizen for a while now, but I certainly never expected them to make my top albums of 2017. As You Please definitely came out of nowhere for me, but it’s one of the albums I’ve listened to the most in the few months since its release. The production values on this album are insane and highlight that Citizen really are a step-up from their peers – they don’t just write songs, they write music. The songs just all have something about them which make them deserve your attention, so it’d be rude not to give it to them.

Check out: ‘In the Middle Of It All’, ‘Medicine’, ‘World’

3. Dreamcar – Dreamcar

Oh hi Dreamcar, nice of you to appear this year and blow everyone away with your 80s-inspired amazingness. Dreamcar are the supergroup you never knew you needed, featuring the singer of AFI (I’m starting to see a connection here) and the male members of No Doubt. Dreamcar drips with New Wave glamour and pomp and serves up all the 80s indie-pop realness you’ll ever need. Imagine Duran Duran and Adam Ant, then stick them in the middle of a glossy Tim Burton film and have the time of your life.

Check out: ‘Kill for Candy’, ‘Born to Lie’, ‘Show Me Mercy’

2. Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile to the Surface

Before 2017 I’d never listened to Manchester Orchestra. After this year, I’ll never go back to my foolish ways. A Black Mile to the Surface is simply stunning. It’s the only album on this list that I actually have to listen to in full each and every time. The 11 tracks just flow together so perfectly, guided by Andy Hull’s ethereal vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Honestly, there aren’t enough words in the English language to do this album justice, it’s just that amazing. An incredibly well deserved spot on my top albums of 2017.

Check out: ‘The Gold’, ‘The Maze’, ‘The Grocery’

1. Paramore – After Laughter 

Don’t act surprised, you knew Paramore had this in the bag from the moment they dropped ‘Hard Times’. I think After Laughter is a total masterpiece, an album filled to the brim with New Wave funk and electro-pop anthems. Seriously, listen to ‘Rose-Coloured Boy’, ‘Told You So’ and ‘Pool’ and tell me how you can’t love the album? Every time I listen (which let me tell you, is really often), I manage to fall in love with the album even more. For everything that has changed, After Laughter is undeniably Paramore, and it’s without a doubt top of the list of my favourite albums of 2017.

If you want to hear me declare my love for the album even more then check out my full review.

Check out: ‘Hard Times’, ‘Rose-Coloured Boy’, ‘Told You So’

So what have I learned in 2017? I really like 80s vibes in my music, HAIM doing a Shania Twain is an excellent thing, I’ve fallen in love with a lot of new bands, and Sia is for life, not just for Christmas.

2018 better be able to deliver the musical goods or I might have to turn that clock back.