Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes | Northern BloodEveryone has those songs or albums which make them think of summer, right? The kind of music which gives you those instant summer vibes. I know I’ve got a handful of albums which I immediately crack out as soon as the sun shows up! Basically everything by Taking Back Sunday, loads of Biffy Clyro, endless Kids In Glass Houses, and plenty of Blink-182 and Paramore. Pop-punk galore with a rock edge – I’m totes hardcore.

Now OBVIOUSLY the best part about those summer tunes is listening to them wherever you are. Blasting from the car stereo on a road trip with friends. Chilling out with your iPod in whilst you’re sunning it up with a cocktail in hand (archers and lemonade YES PLEASE). Well guess what guys? I’ve found a new way to make those summer vibes all that much better. You’re welcome.

Panasonic got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to try out one of their new portable speakers – the Panasonic SC-RB5. Now, I’ve always had major speaker envy of my friends so I was TOTALLY over the moon! I now have my very own little musical companion, and I think it might be love, guys.

Summer Vibes | Northern Blood Summer Vibes | Northern Blood Summer Vibes | Northern Blood Summer Vibes | Northern Blood

First things first, this speaker is TINY. Like, you’ll think it’s small by looking at the photos, but it’s seriously compact. It’s lightweight too, making it the perfect travel companion. It works its magic by connecting to your devices via bluetooth and then playing music through vibrations. Because science, obviously. When you just hold it in your hand it produces a fairly average sound, but when it’s on a flat surface like a table, the audio quality is amazing. Oh, and did I mention that it’s splash proof? Hello hot tub soundtrack! Lets not forget that it has this awesome blue light which flashes with the bass, too. It’s like my own little space rave. Love it.

Basically, the Panasonic SC-RB5 is absolutely brilliant, and it made my weekend cottage break even better. Especially when I was blasting the new Biffy album out of it, because it’s obviously amazing *smirk-face emoji*.

Summer Vibes | Northern Blood

What are your must-listen to summer albums? Do you have a portable speaker already? Let me know in the comments!

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*The Panasonic SC-RB5 mentioned in this post was provided by Panasonic, however all opinions (and excellent music taste) are my own.