Suicide Squad – An Honest Review

Suicide Squad - An Honest Review | Northern BloodSuicide Squad was undoubtedly my most anticipated film of 2016. And then after a year of building hype, the reviews came out, totally slating the film. But I ignored the comments and decided to go nonetheless. And I am so glad I did. It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

Here’s my take on Suicide Squad:

The good

  • The casting is generally superb. The characters are brought to life brilliantly, and the banter and interaction between the group is great. From Will Smith’s endless charisma as assassin Deadshot, to the hilarious edge of the rabid Captain Boomerang, these characters just scream fun.
  • Margot Robbie is superb as Harley Quinn. She is hilarious, dangerous and endearing all at once. She steals basically every scene she’s in and delivers every joke with a punch. I hope rumours of a standalone Harley film are true because I would be ALL over that.
  • Jared Leto’s Joker is undoubtedly the most sinister one yet. He has a totally different take on the character and for the first time ever he’s actually scary. Whenever he appears on-screen, you never know who is going to live or die, and I like that. More Joker pls.
  • Suicide Squad actually humanises its central characters. Modern cinema has a real problem with villains being two-dimensional and crappy. Suicide Squad does away with that. Through spending time with these characters, we’re able to explore their motives and get a real feel for what they actually want from life. Whilst all our main characters are villains, not all of them are necessarily bad guys.
  • Batman. Since we’re following the villains here, it’s only fair that our typical heroes become less popular. Batman is shown from the villains’ perspective in this film – a constant threat hanging over the head of our characters. It’s a refreshing change and one I hope they explore more in the future.
  • Suicide Squad has the perfect balance between action, darkness, and comedy. From Harley and Deadshot’s great one liners, to Captain Boomerangs hilarious delivery, Suicide Squad takes a more playful approach than previous DC films.
  • Viola Davis totally SLAYS as Government hard-ass Amanda Walker. You can tell this woman is in charge and she doesn’t take any crap. QUEEN.
  • The soundtrack is bloody wicked. Classic tracks are used throughout the film and it really gives it a tongue-in-cheek feel. This is one film soundtrack I’ll be looking to pick up.

The Bad

  • With any film which introduces a bunch of new characters, it’s hard to come to terms with all of them. It would have been great to explore the background of characters like Killer Croc a bit more – but I genuinely think they did the best they could with the story and time.
  • Some of our characters are just a bit unnecessary, really. You won’t even know who Slipknot is by the end of the film, whilst Katana is never really explained nor justified. She’s just there with a magic sword, and that’s about it. Maybe she’ll be more important in future films, maybe they just needed someone who could slice through enemies. Either way, not every character was justified enough to take up screen time.
  • There’s simply not enough Joker. Let me explain – he’s in it as much as he could be within the confines of the story, but considering he takes up like 50% of the trailers, he only takes up about 10% of the film. Ultimate edition with loads of extra Joker scenes pls.

The verdict

To summarise? I think film critics are total dicks.

This isn’t an Oscars film, and it isn’t meant to be. Suicide Squad is funny, it’s exciting, it’s damn entertaining, and it’s bloody enjoyable. It’s my favourite film of 2016, and probably a year or two beyond that, as well. If you had ANY interest in Suicide Squad yourself, get yourself to the cinema and make the decision for yourself, but I bloody loved it.

Oh, and that mid-credits scene? God I can’t wait for the future of the DC cinema universe.

Are you going to see Suicide Squad? What have you thought about the reaction to the film? Let me know in the comments!

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