12 Questions Stranger Things Needs To Answer

12 Questions Stranger Things Needs To Answer | Northern BloodYou totally binge watched that whole series of Stranger Things in a day too, right? Yeah, I thought so. Like everyone else, I watched Stranger Things, and I loved it. The show was basically an 80s sci-fi dream and IT WAS SO GOOD. But now I’ve got hella questions that need answering and obviously don’t read if you haven’t watched because SPOILERS.

Netflix, you got some ‘splaining to do.

  1. What happened to Eleven?

    El is basically the most badass girl in the world. No questions asked. But after saving everyone, what happened? Now we’re led to believe she’s dead, but Hopper finishes the season leaving waffles in a box in the woods. You know who likes waffles? EL LIKES WAFFLES.

  2. How’s Will connected to the Upside-Down?

    After being saved and enjoying a good ol’ Christmas holiday meal, Will has a moment where he returns to the Upside-Down. What the heck is even going on there?! How is he connected to it, and what does it mean if he’s able to just move there? So many questions. So. Many. Questions.

  3. What the heck even is the Upside-Down?

    So it’s some kind of alternative reality, right? Except it’s got a weird creature in it and it basically rains ash. Yep, cool.

  4. How many ‘gates’ are there?

    So we know El opened the original gate, but we also know there are other ones. The monster appeared in both the Byers’ house, and there was also that portal in the tree. So how do these appear? And how many gates exist? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

  5. What’s with those gross slugs?

    So Will threw up that tiny slug in his bathroom, AND we saw giant gross ones in both Will and Barbara in the Upside-Down. But what are these gross slugs? Are they a bit like the facehuggers from Alien or something? How exactly are they linked to the monster? Answers pls.

  6. What was the monster doing?

    The monster seemed to be doing a lot more than just feeding. Sure it was eating that deer, and it seemed to be eating things on a couple of occasions. But it seemed to be harvesting Will and Barbara for something, which is probably related to the slugs in some way.

  7. Why did it choose Will?

    We worked out that the creature is drawn to blood – that’s why it chose Barbara. But then Will’s disappearance didn’t fit that. Unless Will had a bloody knee or something under his jeans (which totally wouldn’t happen because plot), then there must be a reason why he was taken. Is Will special? Is that why he’s linked to the Upside-Down? WHO KNOWS.

  8. Are there other people with superpowers out there?

    So maybe Will has super powers. But Eleven was given that name for a reason. Do we have 0-10 out there waiting to be found? Maybe they died as failed experiments? Maybe we have a Twelve and a Thirteen? Stranger Things has a lot to answer for.

  9. Why was the monster with the Russians?

    So El seemed to be trying to spy on the Russians originally, you know, because 80s America and all that. But that’s also where she came across the monster. Maybe she just got lost along the way, but maybe the monster is something to do with Russians. Maybe it’s a product of their experiments? MORE QUESTIONS.

  10. Who did Hopper get in the car with?

    So Hopper made a deal with the CIA, but then at the end of the show he gets in a car with some mystery peeps. Who were those people? Cause I’m pretty sure El popped the heads of everyone involved with the operation. So who’s left? And what’s Hopper got to do with them?

  11. When are Hopper and Joyce going to date?

    I ship them so hard.

  12. Why the hell is Nancy still with Steve?

    Steve’s kinda okay because it turns out he’s not a total cockmunch in the end BUT JONATHAN IS MUCH NICER. Jonathan and Nancy were so sweet by the last few episodes and Nancy was toootalllly thinking about Jonathan after she gave him his present. And, you know, she kissed him. So they should just get married, basically.

Can you answer any of these questions about Stranger Things? What questions did the show leave you with? Let me know in the comments!

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