Recreating magic with the Disney Store

Recreating magic with the Disney Store | Joseph BurrowsDisney has always been a part of my life. I always had all the films on video (god, remember videos?!), and even now I can never go a week without watching a Disney movie. Disney has always captured my imagination with its magic, so when the Disney Store got in touch and asked me to recreate some magic with them, I obviously said yes. Because who wouldn’t!?

I remember getting an Ice Titan toy from the Disney Store when I was like 6. It basically made my life. That’s the power of the Disney Store, and hot damn stepping in there is like stepping into a wonderland. Now in my friendship group we’re all Disney megafans, so I do still wander around the Disney Store for Christmas and birthday presents. But I just don’t get the chance to enjoy it like I used, you feel?

That was until now.

As part of the Disney Store’s 30th anniversary celebrations, I was asked to recreate an iconic scene from their extensive cinema history using a Disney Store product. My recreation is about as up-to-date as you can get, featuring Darth Vader’s lightsaber* from Star Wars: Rogue One. That’s right – I got to be Darth Vader.

When I knew what I was being sent I immediately knew which scene I had to recreate. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen Rogue One yet, but the moment Darth Vader appears in the dark with his lightsaber is seriously intense. For a character who has been the lead villain in a film series for decades, that was the moment which really made him feel threatening.

Recreating magic with the Disney Store | Joseph Burrows

Using this lightsaber and taking these photos just made me feel cool. It’s as simple as that, really. It was like being a kid again, and I loved it. Can I just say, kids have got it so sorted these days, because the lightsaber I used to have as a kid was nowhere near as amazing as this one!

Adult life is always so busy and stressful, so it was amazing to have the chance to recreate and enjoy some Disney magic. It made me realise why I love watching these films so much – they’re a real chance to take a break from reality and lose yourself.

So since we’re all Disney fans here, I want to know which iconic Disney scene you’d recreate?

The lightsaber featured in this post was gifted to me by the Disney Store, but all the Disney fanboy feels are 100% real.