Paramore – After Laughter

Paramore - After Laughter | Joseph BurrowsThere was some doubt if we would ever get to this point again, but I’m pleased to say that Paramore are back with their first album in 4 years. In that time they’ve lost a bassist, reunited with a founding member, and reinvented themselves. It’s been a rocky road, but After Laughter is undoubtedly worth it.

Hard Times‘ was a fresh start for Paramore, and it makes a perfect opening track. Fizzing along with bursts of electro-pop and jagged riffs, it kicks the door down and grabs your attention. This is the new Paramore, and they aren’t afraid to shout it out.

The following 11 tracks are undoubtedly some of the bands best work.

Rose-Coloured Boy‘ is an absolute anthem that will have you dancing along to its irresistible rhythm within seconds. New single ‘Told You So‘ continues the vibe with twinkling guitars and luscious vocals, whilst ‘Fake Happy‘ lures you into a false-sense of security with its quasi-folk beginnings before bursting into life.

It’d be impossible to talk about After Laughter without discussing the bands new style and direction. The bottom line? It’s great. 

2013’s Self-Titled offering hinted at this future with tracks like ‘Still Into You’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’, and the 80s New Wave influences of After Laughter perfectly compliments what Paramore have always been at their core. Not a fan of what you’ve heard so far? Then it’s probably not worth listening to the rest of the record (but it’s your loss).

To put it simply, After Laughter is something special. Every track is exciting, experimental, and filled with life. In all honesty, I can’t really remember the last time an album really gripped me like this. An album full to the brim with sad songs you’ll love to dance to, After Laughter shows that Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro know how to grow up in style.

After Laughter is Paramore, and it’s pretty damn perfect.

Released: 12 May 2017

Label: Fueled by Ramen

Rating 10/10

You need to listen to: ‘Hard Times’, ‘Rose-Coloured Boy’, ‘Fake Happy’, ‘Idle Worship’