Moving out: 1 month on

Moving out: 1 month on | Joseph BurrowsAs I write this post I am sat in my lounge, sat on one of our sofas underneath a duvet. Gilmore Girls is on TV for the 50th time and candles and fairy lights are twinkling away in the fireplace opposite me. It’s cosy, it’s relaxing, and it’s my home.

One month ago today we were about to spend our first night in the flat. We ordered a Chinese takeaway which we ate off of boxes and watched TV on a half-built cabinet. One month ago I was about to take the biggest step of my adult life. It was exciting, daunting, and incredibly scary.

We weren’t originally planning on moving until the New Year. We were going to take it slow, look around and take our time. Instead we instantly found our perfect flat, we paid our deposit immediately and all of a sudden we were on countdown to moving day.

I’d never moved away from home before, so it was safe to say that I was kinda shitting myself.

We had budgets to work out, a whole flat’s worth of furniture to buy, three Ikea trips to make and bills to sort out. Plus, we were moving at the beginning of December so we also had Christmas to tackle at the same time. I was worried about every little detail – that there’d be a bill that we couldn’t afford, that the cat would ruin the flat, or that I’d simply not like moving out.

But we did it.

In fact, we did a pretty amazing job of it. We bought some amazing furniture, all of which was delivered on moving day. All the bills were sorted and budgets were allocated. We only had to go three days without internet. Yep, only three days. Everything was perfect (minus the 20 minutes I got trapped down a corridor behind two boxed sofas and couldn’t get out) and I’ve loved every minute of it so far.

Moving out: 1 month on | Joseph Burrows

This month has been one of the most liberating of my life. I’ve been allowed to live how want to, rather than by someone else’s standards and rules. I’ve been able to decorate how I want to, and I’ve gotta say that the flat looks uh-mazing. And the best bit? I’ve got my favourite person in the whole world alongside me to share in this amazing experience.

One month ago I was about to embark on a new adventure. I never realised it would make me this happy.