My most popular blog posts of 2017

My most popular blog posts of 2017 | Joseph BurrowsWith just a few days to go, the end of 2017 will soon be upon us. Another year has disappeared in a flash as we all eagerly await what will hopefully be a fantastic 2018.

There’s always plenty to look back on when it gets to this time of year, so I thought I’d look back over my blog and find out what my most popular blog posts of 2017 were.

Looking through the list, I’m actually quite surprised to see some of the posts you’ve been reading the most. I mean, 3 or 4 of these posts aren’t even from 2017. Before I waffle on any longer, here are my 10 most popular blog posts of the year!

The blog posts you read the most in 2017

Have you spotted any of your favourite posts on the list? Considering Instagram has become such a hot topic this year after the algorithm change, I can’t say I’m surprised to see the social media platform featuring. I’m also really pleased to see ‘Stop asking me when I’m going to propose’ feature as I think it’s one of my best posts and I got such a fantastic response from it.

I feel like 2017 was a bit of a turning point for me, where I’ve finally started to realise the content that makes me happy to write. That realisation has resulted in me writing some of what I think is my best content to date – good thing it’s only taken me three years to get there!

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to share a post like this if I didn’t have any readers, so I want to thank you. Thank you for reading my posts, or maybe even taking the time to leave a comment. Thank you for sticking with me, when I haven’t even shared content for nearly a third of the year.

I hope you stick around and keep reading for plenty more years to come.