Midtown Grill // Leeds

Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern BloodYou’d be forgiven for not knowing about Midtown Grill. Before myself and Rhianna were invited along for a meal we’d never heard of or seen the place – and that’s after spending our whole lives in Leeds! Located within the Leeds Marriott Hotel and tucked away between its sister venues – 1871 Bar & Lounge and AM Kitchen Bar, it is certainly one of Leeds’ best kept secrets. But now it’s time to spread the word and put Midtown Grill on the map, because Midtown Grill is somewhere you definitely need to visit.

Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood

Upon arrival we were quickly shown to a wonderfully plush booth table which was beautifully lit by an overhead lamp. The whole restaurant is simply furnished, with the seats being spacious and lit with appropriate mood lighting. It felt like a smaller space than many other restaurants offer and felt that much more exclusive because of it. Between the style of the restaurant and the excellent service we received, we felt like we were in an incredibly classy place, and boy did the food reflect that.

Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood

I was initially unsure as to what I was going to pick for my first course until I was told that the starter of the day was belly pork with crunchy pancetta. Belly pork is one of my favourite dishes so this was instantly a winner for me, and it definitely put Rhianna in a dilemma as she was torn between the confit of duck scotch egg. After promising to share a bit of my dish with her, she settled on the duck egg and we ordered. Both dishes were presented beautifully, there was a huge attention to detail and you could really tell that a lot of attention was put into the dishes. The food itself was absolutely stunning; the pork was cooked beautifully, and the garnish of apple, balsamic and sweet corn worked perfectly. Rhianna’s duck scotch egg was also divine, trust me – I didn’t pass on an opportunity to try some.

Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood

Now I have to admit something here, I’m usually against getting steak in a restaurant. I find they can be quite expensive for what you get so I’m more likely to get a traditional alternative. Rhianna ordered the duck leg confit (which was amazing), but I thought I’d take a leap of faith, considering I was visiting a grill restaurant which specialises in delicious steaks. I ordered the fillet steak with a bone marrow bordelaise sauce and it was stunning. I love me for making such a good choice. You go Joe, high-5 Joe! Once again, the course came beautifully presented and in very generous portions. I like my steak medium-rare and it was cooked to absolute perfection; incredibly tender and so full of flavour – definitely helped by the divine sauce which I generously coated it in! I spent so long fawning over my dish and getting photos that I hadn’t actually started eating when we had a surprise visit from the chef. It was a fantastic personal touch and really made us feel valued and looked after. You might think that this was just special blogger treatment, but we kept an eye out and saw them visiting a few tables, so I think they’re just that good at Midtown Grill.

Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood Midtown Grill // Leeds | Northern Blood

After stuffing our little faces with delicious food, we still somehow had space for a pudding! Rhianna ordered the luxurious chocolate tart with white chocolate ice cream, whilst I chose to indulge in the cinder toffee cheesecake. What can I say. Once again, we were blown away by how fantastic the food was. The portions were so big and the food so fantastic that neither of us were able to finish, but that’s hardly an issue with three courses!

Midtown Grill is one of the most pleasant and surprising places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting in Leeds. The staff are so incredibly caring and the food is simply divine. The restaurant offers an incredibly sophisticated evening, perfect for special occasions and celebrations, and best yet – it doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank. Myself and Rhianna are already planning our next visit and it’s something I seriously recommend you do too, you won’t regret it.

How do you prefer your steak to be cooked? Let me know in the comments!

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