A night at the Luna Cinema

A night at the Luna Cinema | Joseph BurrowsI feel like the outdoor cinema has become quite a big thing in recent years, with the Luna Cinema being one of the most recognisable names.

The Luna Cinema pops up all over the UK, and this year it paid a visit to Harewood House in Leeds with showings of La La Land, Grease and Back to the Future. Rhianna was invited to see La La Land with Not On The Highstreet , so obviously I went along with her because #bloggerperks.

A night at the Luna Cinema | Joseph Burrows

It was an amazing evening, and it reminded why I love that film so much. The picture and sound was just as good as a traditional cinema, except this had an extra something which made it a real experience. That being said, you might be surprised by your first experience at the Luna Cinema! Here are a few of my recommendations before you spend a night under the stars.

A night at the Luna Cinema | Joseph Burrows
A night at the Luna Cinema | Joseph Burrows

Wrap up

I asked Twitter what I should expect at an outdoor cinema.Everyone came back telling me to wear layers and wrap up. I 100% underestimated them. Even with a hoodie and a blanket, I was still feeling the chill. Whatever you do, just take as many layers as you can. Hoodie, jacket, blanket, shaggy rug from Ikea. If it works for Game of Thrones, it’ll work for the Luna Cinema.

Bring a picnic

Sitting out and watching one of your favourite films at the Luna Cinema is the perfect excuse to bring a picnic! Pack some snacks (and obviously popcorn) and get ready to tuck in! Just make sure you check what you’re allowed to bring before hand, because each venue is different. You’ll also have food and drink options at the Luna Cinema – I had an amazing lamb and mint burger at Leeds!

Prepare for the worst

It’s England. Even if you’ve checked the weather forecast 79023 times and it says it’ll be sunny, you’ve got to prepare for the worst. I’ve already told you to wrap up with blankets and layers, but if you aren’t ready for rain it’ll most definitely dampen your spirits. Unless you’re hit by a storm of biblical proportions, the Luna Cinema will be playing regardless of weather, so it’s best to come prepared with some waterproofs.

I loved my night at the Luna Cinema, and I hope it makes a return to Leeds next year! Can you imagine if they did Moulin Rouge? DREAMS.

Have you been to an outdoor cinema? What film would you love to see? Let me know in the comments!