Why I love Yorkshire

God’s Own County. The greatest place in the world. Yorkshire. This fair county isn’t just a place – it’s a state of mind.

Yorkshire has given the world so many glorious things and I just LOVE it. Can you imagine life without things like little terriers, or even our wizarding lord and saviour, Matthew Lewis? My point exactly.

With that in mind, here are the 12 reasons why I love Yorkshire.

  1. Yorkshire puddings

    The real MVP. Quite possibly the greatest food in existence – the Yorkshire pudding. What would a Sunday dinner be without this thing of wonder? Smother it in gravy and you’ll never know joy quite like it. But we don’t talk about them as sweet desserts, because that’s just wrong tbh.

  2. The countryside

    Exploring Malham Cove | Northern BloodCome up North and you’ll see that the views are bloody lush. Rolling hills, babbling brooks, and some pretty abbeys. It’s like a scene out of The Sound of Music, or some other pretty countryside film.

    I’m 100% convinced that whoever said that it was grim up North was just a jealous guy from Lancashire.

  3. Yorkshire tea

    Why I love Yorkshire | Joseph BurrowsNo discussion. No debate. In all honesty, nothing else even comes remotely close. Yorkshire tea or GTFO.

  4. Yorkshire Terriers

    Yep, the North is home to Yorkshire Terriers, the adorable little rascals. If I had a little terrier I’d name it Skip, and it would be oh so loyal. Such a good doggo.

  5. The museums

    The Royal Armouries has a Lord of the Rings weapon collection, and a section called THE HALL OF STEEL. PLUS, head over to Hull and you’ll find the Deep, an aquarium packed with over 3500 fish. To summarise: swords and fish. If that hasn’t sold you, I’m not sure if anything will.

  6. The price

    Don’t worry, that pint you’re drinking (probably locally brewed, FYI), won’t require you to re-mortgage your house and sign away the life of your first-born child. That’s right, you’re in Yorkshire, and up North everything is affordable. Sure you could always spend £1,000,000 on an annual parking spot in central London, but for that price you could also buy a 10 bedroom mansion complete with pool and waiting staff up North. I know what I’d prefer…

  7. The seaside

    Why I love Yorkshire | Joseph BurrowsIsn’t the seaside a wonderful place? There’s just something incredibly refreshing about the sea air, and I just love it. Good thing then, that Whitby, one heckin’ bae of a coastal town, is located in Yorkshire! Plus, Whitby is always packed with goths, so it MUST be cool.

  8. The pride

    No one loves Yorkshire quite like someone from Yorkshire. Seriously, there’s a reason half of us still blindly support Leeds United even though they don’t even know what a football is.

  9. Leeds

    8 reasons Slam Dunk 2017 was the best day of the year | Joseph BurrowsLeeds is the London of the North, and it’s bloody glorious. I can shop to my heart’s content, watch some of my favourite bands at the arena, and stuff my face with incredible food. I <3 Leeds.

  10. The people

    We’re a friendly bunch up North. We greet each other, we smile, and it’s all rather nice. Now go down South and say hello to someone in the street. I dare you.

  11. Yorkshire Day

    Yep, Yorkshire is so bloody good that is has a whole day dedicated to it. Tea falls from the sky, rivers turn to delicious gravy, and everything is bliss.

    Sure, other places might have their own day, too. But are they as good as Yorkshire Day? No, of course they bloody aren’t.


    I just REALLY love Yorkshire Tea, okay?!

I’ve told you what I love about Yorkshire, but now it’s over to you! Let me know what you love about God’s Own County in the comments below.