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Kiehl's Skin Care | Northern Blood
Those who attended the #BloggersBlogAwards will know that I was lucky enough (by default) to win a little collection of Kiehl’s goodies. I’m one of those terrible people who is quite occupied with their own appearance, but doesn’t actually do anything to really work on it – so because of that, I haven’t really cared for my skin for quite a few years now. Since I’ve had such a great experience with these Kiehl’s products, I thought that for today’s post I would talk you through them and explain how they fit into my new routine, because now I’ve started using these products – I doubt I’d be able to go without them now.

Kiehl’s are a very famous and luxurious skin care brand which have been going since 1851, and whilst their product’s price tags are certainly not cheap, you definitely get what you pay for. The four products I have are the ‘energizing face wash‘, ‘energizing scrub‘, ‘“heavy lifting” eye repair‘ and the ‘energizing moisture treatment for men‘, a collection which all complement each other very  nicely and smell suitably manly.

Kiehl's Skin Care | Northern Blood

I start my routine with the energizing face wash which I use in the shower. I use a small amount which lathers up quite nicely on my face and I can instantly feel it working on my skin as it slightly tingles. I was a bit surprised at first – although I think on reflection that was most likely due to how long it had been since I’d given my skin a proper wash (I’m so ashamed of myself!). It makes my skin feel instantly so much smoother and fresher, and really helps to energise my skin for the day ahead.

I’ll then use the energizing scrub afterwards whilst I’m still in the shower. Now since this is a good scrub cleanse, I don’t use this everyday like I do the other products – usually two or three times a week. The scrub helps to make my skin even smoother as it gets away all the excess skin cells, but it also helps me prepare for a shave; and since using this product I’ve been having the smoothest and most satisfying shaves of my life – it’s absolutely ridiculous what a difference it makes.

Kiehl's Skin Care | Northern Blood

After getting out of the shower and continuing with my normal morning activities (crawling around the house as I lament the fact I’m off to work) I then use my “heavy lifting” eye repair cream. I remember reading an article the other year saying that if you don’t want to look like a sack of potatoes when you’re older then you have to start using eye cream when you’re like 21, so I’m just a bit late to the party but better late than never, aye?! I’ve always been a bit confused by eye cream, the pots are always so tiny and they cost a fortune but now that I’ve actually used one I feel like I understand it a lot better. The amount of eye cream you have to use is actually miniscule, like, I barely even get it out of the tub it’s so little. Rhianna told me to use my ring finger to apply since it has the least amount of pressure or something – I haven’t poked my out and gone blind yet so I think I’ll keep listening to her about it. I can feel the cream working straight away on my eyes as I apply it, and it actually makes them feel a lot perkier. I’ve had a few compliments saying that I look a lot fresher in the face, and the bags under my eyes are definitely less obvious, so it must be working!

Kiehl's Skin Care | Northern Blood

My final product is the energizing moisture treatment for men, which is basically just a moisturiser. It’s a nice way to finish my morning as after cleansing my skin the moisturiser just gives it that last refreshing touch. I know a lot of products can dry the skin out which is my moisturisers are so important, but the Kiehl’s stuff doesn’t actually have that effect, yet the moisturiser still leaves my skin feeling that much smoother and refreshed – I definitely wouldn’t skip using it. It only takes a small amount to cover my face and it sinks in really well – there’s no excess grease to be found here!

Now that I’ve used Kiehl’s I will never be able to return to the dark ages of skin neglect which I’ve inhabited for so many years. I might not always be able to afford their full package, so may end up experimenting with various other products over time, but judging by the great response I’ve had from Kiehl’s so far – I wouldn’t be surprised if I kept coming back to it.

Have you ever used Kiehl’s before? Do you think a higher price tag is usually worth it for a great product like this? Let me know in the comments!

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