So January was kind of crappy

So January was kind of crappy | Joseph BurrowsWhen I woke up at the beginning of 2018 I felt refreshed. I was ready to tackle the year ahead, excited to see what it would bring. But I feel like I ended up falling at the first hurdle, because January just ended up being kinda crappy, to be honest.

January is never going to be a good month, is it? It comes directly after the celebrations of Christmas and New Years where I’ve eaten far too much and spent money I don’t have. Every waking moment of the month is spent with the world telling me I should be trying to better myself and lose weight. I’m damn poor, and I feel like I’m being forced to run the London Marathon (without any¬†training) as I attempt to make it to payday. The first month of the year is just mean.

We’ve all got to deal with that shit – it’s the same every year. But to top off the car crash that was January 2018, I also had to deal with the death of my aunt. Definitely not a welcome addition to the hell-hole of a month.

I understandably lost all enthusiasm. The spring in my step that I had on New Years day became more like a broken ankle. The last half of January became a miserable existence, with life basically revolving around me going to work, coming home and going to bed. If that’s not January in a nutshell then I don’t know what is.

February couldn’t come soon enough, but of course January totally outstayed its welcome, like when someone comes round to your place but they won’t take the bloody hint and bugger off.

January may have been a bit of a false-start, but I can’t let that that hang over me for the next 11 months.

I’m treating February like a fresh attempt at 2018, like January 2.0, or 2 January 2 Furious. I entered 2018 ready to dominate the year, and in February I want to regain that drive. I’ve got plenty to look forward to, including 4 days in Rome, our 9th anniversary (HOW CRAZY IS THAT??), and one less month to go until we see Hamilton. Yep, February sounds like it’s going to be pretty ace.

Plus, February is only 28 days long so it can’t be that shit, right?