It’s okay to do nothing

It's okay to do nothing | Joseph BurrowsLife is busy.

I spend at least 5 days a week at work, leaving the house at 7:45am and usually getting in between 5 and 6pm. I’ll go out a lot of evenings, and weekends are always packed. I have adult responsibilities, like making sure I keep my cat alive and that my flat doesn’t look like a squatters’ den. And to top it off, I also blog. I think it’s fair to say that all of that is normal – I mean, it’s just life.

It sounds pretty packed, right?

So if life is already so packed with the daily stuff we’ve got to do to survive, why are we all so obsessed with keeping busy and always doing more?

After moving into our flat, building endless amounts of furniture, a packed few weeks at work and a fair few blogging trips in between, I was exhausted. So last week I used a day of annual leave and had a long weekend.

I had so many plans for my extra day off – I was going to get up early and smash out some blog content, take some photos, and then head into town to do some errands. But guess what? I did fuck all, and it was glorious.

It's okay to do nothing | Joseph Burrows

I slept in, rather than waking up when my alarm told me I needed to. I lounged in bed (our electric blanket is my best friend and saviour), drinking plenty of tea and watching Friends. I didn’t get up and shower until 1pm, and that was only because we had to head into town to catch our showing of The Greatest Showman (WHAT. A. FILM.).

You might think that sounds super boring and like a waste of a day, but after a few manic weeks, I needed it.

A morning of pottering about and actually relaxing did wonders for me. I felt properly refreshed for the first time in ages – but I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad. Like it was time where I should have done more.

I think that we’re always so focused on being successful, whether it’s at work or in our personal lives, that we just constantly push ourselves. We have to be busy, otherwise we aren’t moving forward – and if we aren’t moving forward, then we must be failing.

But the thing is, that just isn’t true.

Life can’t always be about moving forward, and we have to remind ourselves that the world isn’t going to come to an end just because we spend an extra hour (or 5) in bed. We’ve got to strike a balance, and we’re only going to do that if we take time out to do nothing every now and again.

So take that day, or maybe even a full weekend, to just relax, refresh and recharge. Switch off from social media, potter around the house, binge an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy (I’m still not over the season 2 finale tbh) – just do nothing.

As long as you feel better for it, doing nothing is doing enough.