How I doubled my blog views in just one month

How I doubled my blog views in just one month | Joseph BurrowsAfter falling out of love with blogging for so long, I feel like I’ve finally started to regain my blogging mojo. It’s resulted in a big month for my blog – not only was it my biggest month for traffic in 18 months, but I also doubled my blog views from the month before.

I know that life isn’t all about numbers, but when you see such an improvement you can’t help but do a little cheer and a happy dance!

The best thing about doubling my blog views? Everything I did was super easy and manageable. That’s right – there were no special tricks or impossible techniques. In fact, the way I’ve doubled my blog views was actually pretty obvious.

Interested? Want to boost your traffic?

Here’s how I doubled my blog views in just one month.

Promote your content (intelligently)

Hey, I did warn you that these points were obvious!

Social media is always one of the biggest sources of traffic for my blog, so it makes sense to make the most of that.

So what’s changed this month? I’ve been consistent. I’ve had scheduled tweets going up every single day in September, whilst usually I forgot to post, or just don’t both out of laziness. If I look back on previous months I can easily pinpoint the days where I didn’t both scheduling, because my traffic nosedived.

Scheduling posts also lets you bring attention to some of your older posts, as well. Your audience will always be changing and growing, which means you’re constantly sat on a treasure-trove of content that you’ve already invested your time and energy in. It’d be rude of you not to share it with them!

Top tip: use Buffer. It is literally the easiest way to go through and schedule posts for the day. Trust me.


You’d me amazed at the difference it makes when you actually engage with your readers. There are so many different ways of engaging, from taking part in Twitter chats (I’m terrible¬†at this), to just generally getting involved in conversations and putting yourself out there.¬†The people you engage with could be the ones who share your posts, or feature you in their newsletters; and these people are important.

But here’s the thing – don’t engage with the expectation of getting engagement back. Engage because you care.

Share posts you like. Leave comments. Reply to messages. It literally takes 2 seconds to ‘pay it forward’, and your good deeds will eventually be rewarded without you even realising.

Actually write posts

Mind blowing, right? You’ll be surprised to know that when you actually write posts, people read them. Which results in traffic. I’m shook, to be honest.

In September I posted a total of 10 times, compared to the 6 posts I shared through August. It goes without saying that new posts will always generate new views, but I think consistency plays a part in it as well. By actually posting more often, you’re setting an expectation for your readers, so they’re going to keep coming back to look for your latest posts – don’t disappoint them!

I’m getting in the habit of planning my content a bit further in advance to help me stay on top of it. Rather than tackle each week at a time like I used to, I now plan out my content a month ahead, giving me time to work on my posts, as well as add any new spontaneous ones in.

So there you have it. The painfully obvious and super easy ways that I doubled my blog views in just one month. Considering it wasn’t rocket science, it certainly took me long enough to crack it.

It’s over to you now – what’s your super-easy top tip for boosting your blog traffic? Share yours below and check out the other tips!