What it’s actually like to be part of a blogger couple

What it's actually like to be part of a blogger couple | Joseph BurrowsWhenever we’re out with friends and family we always have to answer the usual questions about jobs, how long we’ve been together (yes, it really has been that long. No, we weren’t “like 5” when we got together) and our flat. After some time, the conversation always turns to our blogs – what a blog actually is. how cool it is and what it must be like to be a blogger couple.

And I’ll be honest, it’s pretty amazing.

If you’re a blogger, you know that it is, in fact, a pretty hard job. It’s time-consuming, and it can be super stressful. But knowing that I’m living with someone who can sympathise and totally understand what’s going on in my life is amazing. Rhi knows the pain of writers block, and I’ve certainly learnt to understand that I’m not allowed to eat my food until she’s finished taking ALL the pictures.

Being part of a blogger couple also means that your partner (who is your biggest supporter and number 1 fan) knows how to support you, because they really get it. They’ve experienced the self-doubt you’ve experienced through blogging and they’re the one who’s talked you out of deleting your blog 15460290 times.

You also get to reap the benefits of each other’s blogs. Rhi and I are both lucky enough to get some amazing opportunities and experiences through blogging, and we typically get plus ones so that we can both go along. We’ve enjoyed plenty of restaurant reviews, and even some hotel stays and travel experiences. It’s honestly incredible. Not only does it mean that we can get out together and enjoy each others company, but it also gives us plenty of content to work with and ain’t nobody going to complain about content!

But whilst we can do all these amazing things as a blogger couple, it’s not all super cute photos and lovely meals out 24/7.

Blogging obviously involves a lot of work that goes alongside the experiences we enjoy, and when you both have full-time jobs it means that the work has to take place on evenings and weekends. Not only does it eat up your time where you’d do other things you enjoy, but it also consumes the quality time you have as a couple.

And no, sitting next to each other on the sofa writing up blog posts and editing photos on your new MacBook Airs that you both bought together is not quality time, no matter how much you try to pretend it is.

Your evenings become less about cuddling up on the sofa under the duvet and watching Friends back-to-back on Netflix. Instead, you’re scheduling tweets, editing your next Instagram photo, or replying to emails.

Blogging, and the wider world of social media, end up totally consuming your life.

But I think for us, because we’re so aware of the time we both spend blogging, it actually makes us a better couple because we deliberately make more time for each other away from that world.

We have nights where we don’t get your laptops out. We watch films without scrolling through Twitter every 2 minutes. We have date nights that don’t come with blogging obligations, but just nights out where we enjoy each others company. We laugh, take silly photos for fun, and it’s great.

At the end of the day, I guess being part of a blogger couple is much like any other relationship. There are bits which aren’t perfect, but nothing is ever really perfect, is it? You celebrate each other’s successes, you pick each other up when you’re at your lowest, and you wouldn’t change anything for the world.