The best brunch in Leeds

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodBrunch. Brunch is everything at the moment. Delicious treats which only seem suitable in the no-man’s land between breakfast and lunch. Pretty much anywhere with a kitchen is serving up a brunch menu these days, but I’m about to talk to you about the best brunch in Leeds.

Introducing Ox Club.

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodThe best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodThe best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodWhether it’s curing your hangover, or hosting a chilled weekend catch-up, Ox Club plays host to all brunching needs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Situated in the ground floor of Headrow House, Ox Club is a relaxed, minimalist space. Tables are split between walk-ins and reservations – make sure you head down early if you want to grab a table, it can get busy.

You won’t find a plain and simple brunch menu at Ox Club. Instead, you’ll find incredible dishes like Cauliflower Shawarma and Korean Fried Chicken alongside the classics like Avocado on Toast.

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern Blood

And that’s where the biggest issue with Ox Club is.

The menu is just too good. There literally isn’t a single dish which disappoints. Thankfully, I’ve been treated to near enough ever dish on offer (you’re welcome). To save you the difficulty of choosing, here are my favourites:

Flat Iron Steak and Cheddar Eggs

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern Blood

For some, steak would never be a brunch option. But this is the dish that will make you reconsider. The steak is cooked to perfection and is surprisingly light, whilst the saltiness of the home fries is divine. The whole plate compliments itself perfectly, so make sure you get a bit of everything on your fork!

Coconut French Toast

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodThe best brunch in Leeds | Northern BloodThe brunch gods have been kind with this dish. Definitely the most decadent dish on the menu, you’ll need a sweet tooth for this one. The french toast is just divine – I can’t think of any other way to describe it. And hot damn, if pouring the maple butter on it doesn’t make for the best photo ever I don’t know what does. I prefer mine with the bacon for a salt and sweet combo, but the choice is yours…

Korean Fried Chicken

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern Blood

If steak sounds odd for brunch, then this dish definitely will. The crispy chicken tops a korean rice salad and it is delicious. I think this was the dish I was most surprised about, and it ended up being my favourite. The chicken is cooked to perfection and it’s surprisingly light. The textures in the dish are divine and I’m watering at the mouth just typing about it. 10/10 would eat again.

Ricotta Pancakes

The best brunch in Leeds | Northern Blood

Possibly the most famous dish on the brunch menu, these pancakes are something special. Real fluffy american-style pancakes, with huge chunks of honeycomb on, it’s just great. It also makes for a pretty fiiiine Instagram photo, because we all care about the ‘gram, right?

If you’re looking for brunch in Leeds, than Ox Club is the place to be. Believe the hype, and don’t miss out!

Have you tried Ox Club? Where’s your favourite brunch spot in Leeds? Let me know in the comments!

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