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Angelica | Leeds | Northern BloodEver since Angelica first opened its doors in 2013 I’ve wanted to go. If you’re from Leeds you’ll totally know what I mean. It’s just got that air of style and sophistication around it. And that’s basically the reason I’d never been before – I was worried I wasn’t cool enough for it.

I think we’ve all been guilty of those moments where we have a totally incorrect opinion of something. Well Angelica was my moment.

Rhianna and I were both invited to visit Angelica for a meal with the purpose of reviewing it. Obv, I said yes. For the unfamiliar, Angelica is a beautiful restaurant on the top floor of Trinity Leeds, featuring the most stunning views of Leeds from its rooftop terrace. The views were especially good considering we were at the centre of a rather exceptional thunderstorm!

It also sits above its sister site, the similarly fancy Crafthouse. Oh, and did I mention that the two sites have an exclusive lift? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was fancy.

Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood

Not only will you find an extensive cocktail menu stretched over multiple pages, but also a wonderful set of menus. There’s even a set menu with two courses for £15 – a deal so I good I never expected to find it at a place like this. We started the evening with a round of cocktails, placing our order just before we were seated at our table. I went with the Venetian Sunrise, a cocktail consisting of Solerno blood orange liqueur, Aperol and Lillet Blanc, topped with prosseco. It was wonderful, without even mentioning how beautiful it looked.

Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood

After being quickly seated and perusing the menu, we placed our orders. Now Rhianna and I have very similar tastes, so we typically order the same dishes, but we made an effort to mix it up this time! Whilst Rhi went for the Ham Hock Terrine (which I tried and LOVED), I went with the Orkney Island Beef Carpacio. Honestly guys, it was divine. I feel so incredibly pretentious for saying it, but the layers and textures of the dish were superb. The dish was accompanied by roast baby onions, pickled courgettes, dukka, sour yoghurt dressing and watercress. All the different aspects of the dish provided something special, and it made it a really special dish. For my first real experience at Angelica’s, I was certainly impressed.

Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood

For our mains we both chose the same dish – we couldn’t help it. 36 Hours Braised Pork Belly with English heritage carrots, black pudding beignet and a roast baby pear peppercorn sauce. Oh yeah, this is where it’s at. I love belly pork – if it’s on the menu and I’ll probably order it. And you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the nicest belly pork dishes I’ve had. It even came beautifully presented in a rustic pot – who would’ve thought you could present belly pork nicely!?

Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood

To complete the evening in true style, it was time to order dessert. Now you must understand, I was very full at this point. But you must also understand that Sticky Toffee Pudding was on the menu. You know who wins here, right? Not only was it sticky toffee pudding, it even had Yorkshire parkin crumble. It was basically heaven. In fact, it was probably one of the best sticky toffee puddings I’ve ever had – and trust me, I’ve had a lot.

Angelica | Leeds | Northern Blood

I absolutely adored my night at Angelica. The food was incredible, the drinks were superb, and I would go back in an instant. I’ve never been made to feel so comfortable and welcome in a restaurant before, and the staff were always at hand to take care of any problems or requests. Sure, I’ve spent the last 3 years thinking that Angelica is hella fancy, and whilst that’s totally true, it’s also one of the most inviting places in Leeds.

So a very big thank you to both Angelica and Umpf PR for hosting us for an incredible evening – we will certainly be back.

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