What I want to achieve before I turn 25

What I want to achieve before I turn 25 | Joseph Burrows25 sounds like a big number. Considerably bigger than 24. There’s just so much more gravity to it as an age. 25 is a quarter of the way to 100, and half way to 50. That’s pretty scary, when you think about it.

Considering the thought of aging strikes me down with a crippling fear,  I’m actually pretty happy for what I’ve achieved so far in life. My girlfriend is amazing, and I know we have an incredible future to look forward to. I’ve been at my current job for 18 months now, and I love it. I have my website where I produce content that I’m proud of, and I’ve had some insane opportunities. Someone give me a high five, because life’s going pretty well tbh.

But I still want to achieve a few more things.

Now I know everybody loves a good list post, so here’s a lil’ list of some of the things I want to achieve before I reach the ripe old-age of 25.

Move out

We currently live with my parents, being pretty restricted to just our room in terms of our space and storage. Now that Rhi has a good job and has cleared her student overdraft, we’re in a financial position to be moving out.

The plan is to go around February, to give us chance to recover from Christmas (because Christmas is always hella expensive). We’ll be looking to rent a flat somewhere around Leeds or Guiseley, and I’m so excited for us to have our own proper space!

Pass my driving test

Yep. I’m 24, and I can’t legally drive. Learning to drive has been a bit of a rocky road for me. I was signed off for 2 years due to illness, so it’s become a bit of a source of anxiety for me. The only way to tackle it is to take it head-on, and with us planning to move out, being able to drive would be a big help!

Pray for me, guys (and stay off the roads)!

Live a healthier lifestyle

If you haven’t set this as a target for yourself at some point then you be lyin’.

I’m hardly in peak physical condition (but I am excellent at eating chocolate), and I need to start looking after myself a lot more. That means less guzzling wine and demolishing pizzas, and more freshly made meals and trips to the gym. It’s fine to enjoy all those ‘bad’ things, but I just need to strike more of a balance. It’s not like I’m getting any younger, right?

The countdown to 25 is officially on – wish me luck.