A fresh start (again)

A fresh start (again) | Joseph BurrowsFirst things first – it’s been quiet around here recently. Uncomfortably so.

I say recently, it’s probably been a bit too quiet around here for nearly a year now. Which is a bit crappy on me, since I made a fresh start and relaunched 12 months ago, and haven’t really done anything major since then.


Lets face it – I’ve been neglecting my blog, but we’ve all been there before. I could come up with countless excuses to justify the lack of content: I’m super busy at work; I’ve achieved a better balance in life where I don’t actually spend all night on a laptop; I wasn’t totally happy with my blog so I wasn’t feeling inspired (lets face it, I’m super petty so it’s definitely that last one).

But now I’ve had a good break (read: played hella lots of PS4 and watched unspeakable amounts of Grey’s Anatomy) and finally given my blog a redesign that I’m pleased with, I’m feeling ready to actually knuckle down and get some content out.

I’ve had a pretty major spruce up of the place, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it all looks. I’ve got a new logo and ~brand identity~ (thanks to Rhianna!) which finally adds some colour to my website after around 3 years of being black and grey.

The layout and general prettiness of the whole place is down to my new theme (from Pipdig, obv). I think my website is a lot easier to navigate now, pages are a lot cleaner to read, and it generally just looks pretty damn sexy. Part of this is down to a magical plugin called SiteOrigin that has blown my mind and could legit change your blogging life (thanks to Imii for letting me know about it and actually showing me how to use it!).

A fresh start (again) | Joseph Burrows

All of the changes I’ve spoken about are visual, but I feel like there’s actually been a bit of a change in my attitude for the first time. I’ve stopped putting pressure on myself to write, which means I only put content out when I’m happy with it. Considering this is my third “I’m sorry I’m a crap blogger please forgive me” post, I’d say it’s taken long enough.

I feel refreshed, I’ve got loads of ideas to work through, but most importantly, I really feel like I can take pride in my blog.

Now it’s time to write. Here’s to another fresh start.